Holistic Wellbeing Services for Health and Performance.

Servicing and supporting individuals, teams and organisations in Western Australia.

Development and Delivery of Bespoke Wellbeing Programs in conjunction with Individual Counselling and Mental Health Case Management

Angie Bain is a passionate practitioner and educator specialising in Wellbeing and Performance.

Angie adopts a person-centred approach and draws on a variety of theoretical approaches as a means of achieving individual, team and organisational health and human performance.

She has spent her professional career working in the Elite Sports inclusive of recent roles with the AFL Players Association (AFLPA), Australian Cricketer’s Association (ACA) and the Australian Netball Team in athlete development, wellbeing counselling and mental health case management.

With graduate and post graduate qualifications in sports science, sports psychology, coaching, career counselling and counselling she has a variety of expertise in maximising professional and personal performance, but also influences the work environment and strategic direction of an organisation

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Counselling and coaching individuals with wellbeing and mental health challenges.

Case manage through collaboration with general and clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, physiotherapists, nutritionists and other allied health professionals


Working with Leaders and Executives on increasing their self management and team development in:

– Physical Wellbeing

– Psychological Wellbeing

– Career and Educational Planning

– Relationships and Communications

– Work/Life Balance


Tailor specific measurable outcomes for organisations supported by evidence base research in Workplace Wellbeing.

Develop a bespoke wellbeing program to an organisations needs inclusive of recruitment, performance management, and transition support.

Our Approach

Angie Bain is a passionate person-centred practitioner specialising in Wellbeing and Performance. Each therapeutic approach is tailored to the unique needs of the client and may be drawn from the following:

– Existential Psychotherapy
– Solution Focused Therapy
– Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
– Theory Solution Focused Therapy
– Positive Psychology
– Strengths Based Leadership


AM Former Diamonds Head Coach

“Angie not only supported me in my role as Australian Diamonds Head Coach with a myriad of Wellbeing issues and proactive programming as our Wellbeing manager primarily working with our Diamonds athletes, she supported this Head Coach to consider her own wellbeing especially when it mattered most! This was especially so when my mother died a few weeks prior to the 2016 Quad Series. With Angie’s support, guidance and practical advice I got through this time of intense grief to be able to coach the world Number One team to a victory in the series and still take the time to honour my mother’s passing and look after myself and my family. Thankyou Angie for everything you do and have done for me and for so many others”

WA and Australian Cricketer

“The WACA was lucky enough to have Angie work with us for 4 years. Personally, she had a huge impact on my career, leadership and personal life. With her incredible help I have been able to overcome many challenges that professional sport throws at you and also adversity in my private life. Her work ethic and genuine care for people is something that inspires me. Angie is a great friend and mentor, I could not recommend her highly enough”

WA and Australian Cricketer

“Angie has taught me the bigger picture. She said to me once that my life and professional career is made up of events that become tiny dots on my timeline. What may seem like the end of the world is in fact just another dot. This is important because for my own wellbeing Angie gifted me perspective and showed genuine care. In life where it can be stressful learning that meant everything”

BBL and Australian Cricketer

“In my experience when dealing with well being and especially mental health, trust is the most important thing. Angie has always looked after my best interest even to detriment of her own. I know I can trust her and would encourage anyone who is struggling or even just wanting to stay on top of their well being to get in contact with her”

WA and Australian Cricketer

“Personable, professional and approachable. Angie optimizes everything I was looking for in this space! She has always offered support in my sporting career, helping me stay mentally healthy!”

Former AFL Player

“Ange worked above and beyond her job title to help me get though a tough time. She continued to give me a call or a text after I had overcome my struggles. Her kindness was amazing and I was truly overwhelmed by her generosity and help and advice. She really cares.”

Health professional

“Ange offers caring, down-to-earth and practical advice and strategies to enhance all aspects of your wellbeing. She has helped me with stress and anxiety management and always provides a safe and non-judgemental space to chat things through”

AFLW Footballer

“Angie helped me through some extremely unbearable times during my 4 year stint at the AFLW level. No amount of credit will suffice or begin to acknowledge how unwavering her dedication is, in wanting to get the best out of an individual not only through the highs and lows of sport, but through all life’s adversities”

Our Values


Area of Expertise

Our Suite of Services

Our suite of services can be uniquely adapted to suit your needs as an individual, team or organisation.

  • Adolescent Transitions
  • Relationship Counselling
  • Career Counselling
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Eating and Body Image Disorders
  • Pre & Post Natal Issues
  • Work / Life Balance for Mothers
  • General Mental Health and Wellbeing Education
  • Psychological Safety in the Workplace
  • Bespoke Wellbeing Program and Policies
  • Induction and Exiting Wellbeing Transition Support
  • Connection and Communications of Employee Assistance Support and other Wellbeing Services
  • Coaching Executives and High Performers on how to manage their own wellbeing whilst leading and managing others.
  • Assistance with creating and developing high performing teams.
Connect and collaborate with appropriate allied health professionals to assist in the clinical management of a mental and physical health condition. Referrals going out and coming in from:

  • General Practitioners and Sports Physicians
  • Psychiatrists
  • Clinical Psychologists
  • General Psychologists
  • School Psychologists
  • Sport Psychologists
  • Physiotherapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Nutritionists
  • Podiatrists
  • Exercise Physiologist
  • Chaplains

Wellbeing Fees


Individual standard consults are 50 minutes long. The remainder of the hour is spent writing sessions notes and planning. Group workshops can be as short as 30 mins or as long as half a day.

Number of sessions:

There is no limit to the number of sessions. It will be determined between practitioner and client.


Payments can be made by eftpos, credit card or cash.  Please note that all accounts must be settled on the day of the appointment.  Missed or cancelled appointments with less than 24 hours notice may incur a late cancellation fee, given that it can be difficult to fill the appointment. Fees vary depending on service. Contact Angie for more information.


General wellbeing assessments and career profiling can be provided. Fees on request.

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